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Anonymous asked:

sometimes im scared of this fandom. everyone keeps making the show very deep, including myself.

this blog may be dead

but confessions like this will carry on


Anonymous asked:

do you think maybe you could tag hate confessions with, instead of like, just that character or ship or whatever, with 'charactername hate' or 'shipname hate' so it'll still be a tagging system but hate won't have to show up in the tag for it?


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((Ahem. I feel very awkward about this confession for a few reasons:
1) Homestuck has been around longer than Gravity Falls so it’s hard for it to “steal” fans, especially when HS is a fandom that tends to become very dedicated to it’s interests.
2) WIR is a movie and there’s nothing wrong with liking a movie.
3) Fandoms don’t really die in my opinion, they just get less active.
4) Gravity Falls is on a 2-month hiatus, of course it’s inactive.
5) You’re allowed to be in more than one fandom, you know. So it’s actually impossible to steal fans.
6) It’s like an anon hate message to the Homestuck and WIR fandom disguised behind a confession.

But it’s a confession, so I must post it. ))

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